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Can´t add cluster in OnCommand Performance Manager 1.1

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Netapp_iconI installed an instance of the OnCommand Performance Manager 1.1 appliance for evaluation purposes and if you haven´t tried yet, I recommend you do. Performance Manager together with the OnCommand Unified Manager appliance is excellent if you are running Clustered DataOntap.

I decided to deploy it in production so I destroyed the appliance and deployed a new, fresh one. A bit too quick  it turned out since I had added two clusters to it and didn´t remove them before throwing away the virtual machine.

If you followed my (bad) example, when you try to add your cDot-clusters during the Performance Manager setup guide you get the following error message:



Cluster <xxx> is currently managed by the following instance of OnCommand Performance Manager:

URL:                       https://<your_cluster>:443

System ID:          <uuid-here>

Managing a cluster with multiple instances of the same application will impact the performance of the cluster.

You must remove cluster <xxx> from the instance of OnCommand Performance Manager above before adding it to this instance of OnCommand Performance Manager.


Ok, so I should have removed the clusters. I know! But even worse, those two clusters were the only clusters I have and I´m now stuck and can´t finish the setup guide.


Solution (Thanks TKENDALL)

Go into “diag” mode on your cluster:  set -privilege diag

Run  application-record show

This should show you the OPM that the cluster is associated with.


Run  application-record delete -name <Record Name>

You should now be able to add this cluster to your new OPM.


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